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Easykart Euro Trophy winners will receive the ticket for the 2022 International Grand Finals!

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Easykart Euro Trophy winners will receive the ticket for the 2022 International Grand Finals!

After having announced the provisional calendar on March 16, the interest towards the 4th Easykart Euro Trophy edition grows, as the 2022 scheduled is composed of three events: on May 28 for the first “Night Race” on the “Circuito di Pomposa” (Ferrara, Italy), on July 2 for another night race in Wackersdorf (Germany) and on October 1-2 for the Finale in Bolzano (South Tyrol, Italy).

Easykart Euro Trophy is excited to announce the prizes available in every single round and for the overall champions:

  1. The top three drivers of each class in every round will receive a celebratory cup, provided by the promoter DAI Trophy from Austria and the organizer Easykart Switzerland.
  1. A great news is represented by the final prize. In addition to the cups, the overall winners in 60 Easykart, 100 Easykart and BMB Challenge classes will get a free ticket for the 21st Easykart International Grand Finals, which will be held on the weekend of October 16 at the Franciacorta Karting Track in Castrezzato (Brescia, Italy). The “International ticket pass” has been “realised” thanks to the close collaboration between Easykart Euro Trophy and Easykart Italy, which confirms the internationality of the Euro Trophy, born in 2018 from a co-production between different nationals championships such as Easykart Czech Republic, Easykart Switzerland, DAI Trophy and Easykart Italy.
  1. The overall winner in Junior Shifter, the class created with the aim of preparing drivers aged 12-15 to compete in both KZ and single-seaters, will receive a voucher for an engine service, offered by Motori Seven – creator, together with Birel ART, of the Junior Shifter chassis, which is widespread in many European countries.

Organized by Easykart Switzerland, in close cooperation with the promoter DAI Trophy from Austria, the main goal of the championship is to offer a platform for all the European Easykart drivers to race together in the same international tracks and events -under Switzerland’s official race calendar.

According to the Easykart spirit, our competition is “easy” for every European Easykart Driver who wants to participate in the races, as we’ve minimized the mandatory requirements and rules.

Stay tuned: more info about the regulations and registrations to the opening round scheduled for May 28 in Pomposa will come soon.

Stay racing, stay happy… and think Euro Easy!